CST Paint is a new innovative green, eco-friendly paint company, located in Torrance, California. CST Paint has within a short period of time, shown that they can create high quality paint products that can shield any building from the scorching heat outside.

Please visit us in Las Vegas for a demonstration at the Western Roofing Expo at the Paris Hotel, 8-11 June, 2014. We will be at booth number 908 & 909.


CST Paint's domestic and international sales and distribution, are handled by Toyoda D&C.

If you are a contractor, distributor, or sales rep and are interested in evaluating our samples, you can also download our Product Sample Request Form here. Please note that there are limited numbers of samples available.

Sheeldº is a Waterborne Acrylic Heat Reflective Roof Coating

Sheeld is a Waterborne Acrylic Heat Reflective Roof Coating designed to reflect solar heat and ultraviolet rays (UV) as well as a protective coating for most roof substrates. Sheeld is extremely durable and provides superior protection and sealing capabilities and has excellent water resistance. This product is excellent for most flat roof and pitched roof substrates to reflect solar heat and UV rays as well as to help seal and protect the surface.

Repair defects, such as splits, cracks, blisters, deteriorated flashing, cracked metal edging and any other defects affecting the surface seal. It is essential to be sure the substrate has a completely sealed surface before the coating is applied. Be sure to seal all roof penetrations, curbs, flashings, transition areas, areas where dissimilar materials intersect and other areas that could leak with a suitable sealant. Ensure all roof drains are clean and clear and cut back any vegetation that is growing above the roof which may cause debris to fall on the roof and clog drains in the future. On metal roofs, remove all rust and treat with a rust prohibiting spot primer. On all other roof substrates, if necessary, prime the roof before the roof coating is applied.

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